Things Happen For a Reason

Additional Thoughts: Things Happen For a Reason

 (excerpt pages 79 to 81)

"My view of the life journey changed dramatically during those first few weeks of my spiritual awakening. I now believed that the pain and suffering of my past had served as a vehicle for this awakening and my current state of joy. My life was now filled with meaning and purpose, a new beginning revealed at every turn, with every interaction providing an opportunity for new discoveries, new lessons and new adventures. For this I openly showed my gratitude.

   At the time, I did not question these feelings; however some with whom I shared my story seemed shocked by the thankfulness I was holding for those painful experiences which even extended to those who had inflicted that pain. When I sensed that others might think me a little strange for having such feelings, I became more guarded about sharing that aspect, although I continued to feel gratitude for my life as it had unfolded, with all of its hurts, pains and losses. As a result of my own personal experience and from the stories told by others I have come to believe that things happen for a reason.

   This term ‘things happen for a reason’ is often used to explain something which is unexplainable and which, at the time, does not make sense. This phrase seems to serve as a comfort during painful events and provides a shortcut rationale when our conscious mind fails to provide us with the answers.

   In order to explore this idea further – that things happen for a reason­ – I offer you here various theories and ideas about the human journey, the soul, how and why we exist, our purpose, and where we are heading. All of my personal beliefs include the idea that a ‘greater power’ than myself is at the helm.

   Theories about the human journey abound across various religious and non-religious belief systems. The ideas which I offer are those I now view as ‘possibilities,’ some of which I openly embrace and for which I have a deep conviction; and some others that I have recently begun exploring. I ask that you keep your mind open to the possibilities and allow these ideas to sink into your conscious and subconscious mind. These ideas may spark something that lies deeply hidden there. I encourage you to explore further that which resonates with you.


Existence of the Soul


   Firstly, let’s consider the existence of the soul as a driving force for my awakening. This is not a concept that many of us have given much attention to during our formative years, other than in the context of religion. For example, when we consider the psyche—we find it means “the human spirit or soul.” When we look up the definition of psychology, which by its suffix would imply the study of the human spirit or soul, instead we find that it is “the scientific study of the human mind and mental states and of human and animal behaviour” (from the online Encarta Dictionary).

   There is no reference in this definition to the study of or an accumulation of a body of knowledge about the spirit or soul. Nor did I find this to be true during my university and psychiatric nursing studies which included many courses under the heading of psychology. These topics included introductory, behavioural, abnormal, and social psychology. None of these spoke about the soul. That in itself should be of interest to all of us!

   Gary Zukav, in his book The Seat of the Soul, puts forward his belief that humanity has not yet evolved to the point where we can recognize the soul. We are limited to knowledge that we can attain through the five senses – and because of this, psychology is currently the study of the personality. He further puts forward that “because of this [our inability to perceive beyond the five senses] psychology is not able to understand the dynamics that underlie the values and behaviours of the personality.”

   Could the pain and suffering we experience actually facilitate the evolution of the soul? Zukav suggests we are evolving into a multisensory being which “acquires its knowledge through its intuition, and, in processing that knowledge, aligns itself, step by step, with its soul.” He further says, “Awareness first enters an unaware personality through crisis caused by a collapse of the five-sensory personality to deal with the situation.” This may well explain what happened to me as I went through my marriage breakup, uncertainty as to my life path, and the meaning of my existence.

   Why has humanity not given serious thought and scientific study to the nature and workings of the soul? Jane Roberts, in the book Seth – The Magical Approach, offers this explanation dictated by Seth, a highly evolved spirit entity: “Science delegates the world of nature as the realm of exterior natural events…telepathy and clairvoyance, for example, are a part of natural effects, but they belong to a nature so much more expansive than science’s definitions that they have been made to appear as highly unnatural eccentricities of behaviour, rather than as a natural component of consciousness. It is also for that reason they seem to fall outside of the realm of the sane…They [telepathy and clairvoyance] do not appear very well under the auspices of the scientific method, because the scientific method is itself programmed to perceive only information that fits into its preconceived patterns.” In other words, only that which can be measured by the five senses is valued by science.

   Up until then, for the most part, I had relied on science and my internal basic truths to conduct my life. Now things had changed. There was no body of scientific knowledge that could shed light on what had happened to me. Having been groomed to consider only the results of science as a basis to acquire new truths, I was the ultimate skeptic. Who or what could I trust?" my book to find out more of my discoveries and ideas on this subject.

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