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This book tells the true story of how Spirit moved into my life, taking me from a place of sadness, hopelessness and despair to one of joy, contentment, meaning, and purpose in life!

A 32 year marriage having come to an end, feeling lonely and lost, I did not know where to turn. Life was almost unbearable. In a desperate attempt to move forward I joined a Single’s Club and enrolled in a program offered there called ‘Rebuilding after Your Relationship Ends’ – a group self-help program developed by Dr. Bruce Fisher. This program seemed to stir up my ‘inner self’, launching me into a relationship with Spirit – an unseen but very real force – which presented me with opportunities for healing and relief from my discouraged state.

In this book – The Healing Journey - I vividly describe the events which happened to me during those few weeks so that you might experience them almost as I did. Included are short poems written ‘hand to paper’ at the time and which seem to summarize those healing moments.

Much was revealed to me at that time about humanity, our relationships with each other and guidance as to what we can do to live more conscious lives. This too is included in this book.

I believe this story will be of interest to everyone - regardless of age or gender - either as a gift of ‘Hope’ for those going through difficult times, as an affirmation of what has or is happening to you or someone else you know, and to those interested in exploring the phenomenon of spiritual awakening.

I conclude the book with a section called “Things Happen for a Reason”. Here I examine what happened to me and offer readers various theories and ideas about our spiritual nature and our human journey, including aspects of the soul, how and why we exist, our purpose, and where we are heading.

I have included here Chapters 1 & 2. I think these will give you some understanding of the place from which I came and how I was feeling at the time. The poem “The Child Within Me” describes how I felt as Spirit was releasing me from the emotional chains of the past. My story is packed with moments of sublime healing such as this.

This book is intended for those who are suffering in silence and may help to bring light to their situation. It may even be helpful to those who are causing the suffering. I think everyone will find my story inspiring, helpful and hopeful for themselves and for humanity. And please accept the gift of Hope!

NEW! P. 79 - 81 of the last Chapter - "Things Happen For a Reason". Check it out!

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