Kachina Rock Woman

I visited Sedona in January 2008 and being led by an overwhelming urge to visit Boynton Canyon, ended up at a fork in the trail where I was "pulled" to hike the Vista View trail and unbeknownst to me, to an amazing experience under Kachina Woman Rock!

As I proceeded up the trail, I could hear the faint beat of a drum, becoming louder as I moved upward. I thought about the source, whether it had been placed there electronically for tourist attraction, but decided that would not be feasible. It was a haunting, inviting sound there amongst the beautiful red rock landscape, the drum beat at one point supplemented with some primeval like voice accompaniment. I decided to proceed cautiously up the trail not wanting to disturb the drummer.Beautifyl Sedona  Having just begun learning to play the North American flute I was hoping to have an opportunity to play here in this majestic environment. Finally I spied the source of the drumbeat up above under a rock overhang, but could not determine who was responsible for this wonderful sound, or whether there was more than one person, or whether male or female. I settled on a rock ledge in a place below, in a meditative position, overlooking the canyon, a spiraled Juniper off to my right. All during this week in Sedona I had been drawn to things referring to Gaia and had just before my ascent to the Canyon purchased some bone carving Gaia-motifs at a bead shop which I had placed inside my backpack for safe keeping. I had been introduced to them at a display of jewelry for sale at a flute concert put on at our resort by "Wolfs Robe", a local performer and educator of the Traditional Native American Flute. Even though he inspired me with his performance little did I know how this would enhance my learning, associations and communication with Spirit.

The mood there on the rocks was inspiring and I gave gratitude to the Creator and the 5 Directions and for the call to serve Mother Earth. Then an opportunity to offer my sound to the Canyon, the drumbeat receding, seemingly inviting me to join the song with flute. I did so. Then, my eyes moved upward for some unknown reason to the canyon wall overhead. There a large, dark “Winged One” - perhaps a Golden Eagle or a Turkey Vulture - entered the skies above, circling over me several times, than returning to whence it came. My skin tingled with excitement! The event had been a repeat of an experience I had the previous summer on the rocky shore of Lake Winnipeg where my flute play had brought a Bald Headed Eagle out from the forest behind, circling overhead and than returning to the forest. Unity, that was the thought that came to me now. I gave the Creator thanks and dedicated my flute and song to the Creation and to healing Mother Earth - Gaia.

As I packed my things, I decided that I would present a Gaia-motif to those who were responsible for the drum song. As I stood up, a female voice said "Thank-you" to me for playing the flute. I asked to approach her - it was one person - and she invited me to join her. I then asked if she would accept the Gaia-motif as my appreciation for her gift to me, her drumming. She was visibly startled by my offer and accepted it excitedly, stating "You don't know what this means to me!" I said "I think I do." I could tell that this was a moment of affirmation for her, as the appearances of the "Winged Ones" were for me.

As we talked it became apparent that a number of synchronic events occurred for us to have this meeting, here at this place and time, she from Wisconsin, USA and I from Manitoba, Canada and that we were mutually drawn to issues of environmental protection. As we walked down the trail together she shared with me that we were under Kachina Woman Rock. I hadn't known. What a great message we received together that day from the Kachina Spirit.

The next morning I wrote a short poem called "Unity", reflective of our common purpose.


North to South

Eagle to Eagle,

The tides will meet

And not separate one from the other.

Diversity of thought,

Diversity of dream

With sameness throughout.

On with the dream!

Unify the thought!

Mother Earth, endeared to all

giving and loving,

Brings us together

Unfolding our Journey.

 Reflections by Sue

Sedona, Jan. 10th, 2008 

Later during our stay in Sedona, having been drawn to the Hopi Prophecies on my previous trip to Sedona, I purchased a book titled “Meditations With THE HOPI”. Today, as I write this story, I read the author's quote on the cover:

Taiowa, God of creation…

I brought the dynamics of

The forces of Creation, like

A workhorse to its labours.


(from “Meditations with The Hopi “ a Centering Book by Robert Boissiere, Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermount, 1986) 

How appropriate that I should again be reminded of our great cause!

February 28th, 2008


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