The Haven

The Haven


There it rests,

beckoning me without

so much as a whisper.

Calling me to come and hear

her perfect message.

Dressed for the occasion,

her head dress glittering

in the sun’s last light!

More beautiful she has never been,

adorned with her finest

jewels; white alabaster skin, sprinkled

with scarlet and accessorized with evergreen!

Her message is clear.

A moment to hear and understand as I rest

amidst the beauty of it all,

“just step forward; things are not so different!

there’s magic everywhere and at every place in time and it

waits for you.”


By Sue!

October 5, 2004


the haven - 2004
the haven - 2004 1
the haven - 2004 10
the haven - 2004 11
the haven - 2004 2
the haven - 2004 3
the haven - 2004 4
the haven - 2004 5
the haven - 2004 6
the haven - 2004 7
the haven - 2004 8
the haven - 2004 9
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